Transformational Life Coaching

Move Forward With Purpose, Clarity & Confidence

What is a Transformational Life Coach?

A Transformational Life Coach is a credentialed professional that empowers people and groups by strengthening a commitment to their vision. From these commitments come actions that produce powerful results. I use a unique dimension to coaching in that I look inherently to nature for direction, inspiration and solutions by guiding you in a collaborative way. This allows for a deeper state of connection to your issues and clarity, so that you can move forward with confidence, while making decisions that are soul directed.

How does Transformational Life Coaching work?

Discover. Clarify. Align.

It begins with meeting you where you are to discover the root cause of your present circumstance. Next is to clarify your deeper needs to determine practical outcomes. Then align plans toward the intended progress.

By bringing the natural world into our sessions, we then have access to a deeper state of awareness so that a state of connection to your struggles can be focused on.

Who is Transformational Life Coaching for?

Transformational Life Coaching is for anyone who feels a real need to make changes in their life, but feels too stuck or frustrated to make these changes on their own. For clients who want to create a new awareness, a deeper focus, and create practical steps to implement positive changes in their life.

My coaching clients are…

  • Looking to make a change in their life.

  • Wanting to explore what it would be like to bridge their vision with grounded action.

  • In a transition in life and need direction.

  • Desiring to make the leap into discovering their most authentic self.

  • On a journey to find their true purpose in life.

  • Seeking support to reach their goals and transform their lives.

What will happen during a session? 

Sessions are co-created by the client and the coach as a way to explore the client’s goals, dreams, blocks and avenues to make sustainable changes. Each client and session is unique and may not follow a prescribed pattern.
Here is a general outline of how a session, or series of sessions, might unfold:

  • Initially, the client and coach undergo a verbal and creative process of coming to understand the client’s larger vision or goals. This could take one or multiple sessions.  

  • From here, the client will clarify what smaller piece of the larger vision s/he feels called to explore during the course of one session. Once a goal for a session has been arrived at, the client and the coach engage in a creative exercise that allows the goal to be explored in a flexible and meaningful way.  

  • After this period of exploration, the client and coach discuss some of the ‘take aways’ of the session and how these can be incorporated into day to day life. 

  • Multiple sessions build upon previous discoveries and these are woven together to gather resources, overcome obstacles and implement change.

There are many way we can work together


Hourly sessions may be ideal for you if you don’t require ongoing support or aren’t ready to commit to a Package, The Monthly Program, or the True Nature Program.

Package (buy 3 sessions get 1 session free!)

Meet with me on a consistent basis to create clarity in cultivating your vision. If you are ready to commit to yourself and be held accountable then this what you need. Packages are 4 sessions each - 1st session is a Discovery Session (80min & is free!) then followed by three recurring sessions.

Monthly Membership

Meet with me to be more consistent in your progress towards success. If you want to dive deeper into creating long term change then this option is for you. 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 month, and 9 Month options available.

True Nature

For those that want more of a hands-on coaching experience and to be outside during our time together. During these outdoor sessions we will create meaningful connections to self, soul, and vision. These outdoor sessions have three time options… 2-Hours, 4-Hours, or 6-Hours

Client Testimonials

“Ben has a unique way of coaching in that he used the natural world to help build on my self-awareness and confidence. Overtime I began to have much more meaningful sessions and progress in my personal life. It’s amazing, a conversational walk in the woods with Ben was beyond helpful - it led to a positive transformation in my life.”

–– Amy T.

"Ben’s coaching style is very intuitive, co-collaborative, and soul directed. This is the very first time in my entire life that someone has understood all of what I am. He listened to me in a way that I felt more complete and that every part of me was heard.”

–– Josh S.

Not sure if Coaching is right for you?

Schedule a FREE 45-minute introductory session so that we may best come up with a plan that works for you.