Our retreats are opportunities that allow you to be connected to and part of nature rather than separate. All of our retreats are about deepening qualities of presence, relaxation, resilience, compassion, and authentic connections of your true self. These are the qualities we believe are needed to support ourselves in order to achieve self value and purpose.



Come rediscover what is most important to you and what you need right now to feel more balanced, alive and fulfilled. A weekend full of exploring meditation, yoga, art, and while relaxing in a natural yet urban setting.



Come Re-awaken your naturalist intelligence. An immersive nature-based weekend full of sensory awareness activities, deep nature connection routines, and play. For anybody wanting to get away for a weekend

Soul’s Return

Come join us and learn how to live a soul-directed lifestyle. Through an immersive nature-based weekend we will tap into the ancient wisdom and teachings of 4-Shields in order to understand all of what it means to be truly human.