Coaching Package

Are you ready to bring your life into alignment with your soul and thrive?

Happy Group

This option may be suited for you if you….

  • Feel like there has got to be something more to this so called thing call “Life.”

  • Everything you try seems to not be working and you need that extra push to move forward.

  • Are not living your authentic self or aren't even sure who that is.

Buy 3 Sessions get 1 Free!

Meet with me on a consistent basis to create clarity in cultivating your vision. If you are ready to commit to yourself and be held accountable then “The Coaching Package” is what you need.

Packages are 4 sessions each - The 1st session is a Discovery Session, which is 80 minutes & is completely free of charge with your package payment! Following the Discovery Session are three recurring 1-hour sessions.

These 4 Sessions are based on inner personal change. Within 4 sessions you & I will work towards the parts of you that allow you to truly begin to move forward. A package is a the beginning of a full commitment towards a process that helps you experience life changing results. This is not that complex, there are no tips or tricks, its actually quite simple, and it all starts with accountability and commitment.

You actually already have all the answers to what your are seeking and who you want to become. As a coach I want to go down this journey and re-discover those answers with you.

Package Benefits

Past Clients have …

  • Gained more clarity towards working on current issues.

  • Become more aware of where their personal stress and anxiety were coming from.

  • Created steps and plans towards a better work life and personal life balance.

Not Sure if thePackage Is for You?

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