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Bird Language Workshop

  • Cochran Mill Park 6875 Cochran Mill Road Palmetto, GA 30268 (map)

Bird Language is about listening and seeing language. The listening and seeing techniques we learn and practice in tracking and bird language are applicable to our encounters with other humans. This knowledge has been passed down from our ancestors who have relied on the signals of birds for early warning to avoid predators, or to locate game for centuries. There are still remnants of this ancient knowledge remaining within specific hunter-gatherer cultures today in various places around the world. 

Both tracking and bird language are about coming into a deeper awareness of self and the natural world. Learning these skills changes you, gives you more resources, and deepens your life experience both in the field and back at home and in town.   

Come play outside with us and learn the following:

  • The five voices of Bird Language

  • Understanding Bird Alarms and what each alarm means

  • How to use bird language to gain a deeper understanding of our surroundings

  • The shapes of alarms and how patterns of body language, tone of voice, and positioning can reveal the locations of predators, people, and other disturbances. 

  • How to map bird language and interactions on a map in order to find specific animal interactions, habitats, etc.

  • Core Deep Nature Connection Routines to build on stronger bird language and deeper nature connection.

Come learn how this ancient pathway of nature connection brings powerful insight to our modern world. Bird Language is a direct link into our personal intuition and a pathway towards inner peace and enhanced awareness.

Workshop Instructor: Ben Marchman

This program will be led by The CEO & Founder of NatureLink, Ben Marchman. Ben has extensive background experience in wildlife biology and ecology and has spent many years understanding how animals interact with the natural world. He has been trained under Josh Lane (Nature Connection Mentor/Tracker/Bird Language expert with 8 Shields) through Shikari Tracking and Mentoring. Originally developed by 8 Shields founder Jon Young with input from Ingwe and Tom Brown, Jr., Shikari tracking is designed to build layers of awareness overtime as you discover your connections to the animals and landscape with your mind, heart, senses, and entire being.


  • This day long Bird Language workshop runs from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm

  • Please bring your own sack lunch and plenty of drinking water, ready for the trail.

  • You'll need good outdoor clothes and rain gear if it’s raining, as well as a backpack to carry anything extra you feel that that you will need.

  • This workshop will be 100% outside, rain or shine. Please come prepared to be outside the entire time

    ** We will send out a welcome letter complete with a gear list, directions, and full details after receiving your registration. **

Later Event: May 11
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