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Medicine Walk & Group Circle

  • NatureLink,LLC *Location released after registration* Sharpsburg, GA USA (map)

Medicine Walks are an unique and potent pathway
to clarity and direct action. 

When was the last time you gave your utmost attention to what is guiding your heart and soul?

If you don’t know, or if its’ been a while, then there isn’t a better time to engage in the ancient practice of spending solitary time walking in nature.

What is a Medicine Walk?

A Medicine Walk is a simple walk in nature - a wander - that enlivens your belonging to the Earth and yourself. It deeply connects to your inner wisdom, and solidifies your unique gifts ready to be shared with your community. To say it more simply, a Medicine Walk allows you to tap into a mindfulness mind state that allows you to hold a question about an important issue in your work or personal life and then be supported in enacting this question on a walk and being aware of your natural surroundings then ending by reflecting with other people on your experience + vision.

What makes a Medicine Walk different from a regular walk in the woods?

What makes a Medicine Walk different is the intention you set from the start. Such as asking yourself, "what's most alive for me right now"? It could be your relationship with the prevailing issues in the world, or a personal relationship. It could be undigested grief or emotions. It could be time to let go of old patterns or step into new ones. It could be that you want to be more familiar with the more-than-human wild life and place you call home. Whatever it is, this is a ripe chance to simply be with yourself in the moment.

What happens during a Medicine Walk?

The beginning – In the morning, we will gather as a group and create a comfortable place in our group circle. With this space we will state our intentions and mark the beginning of our personal journey. We then will prepare for the walk itself as the walk you be in solitude the entire time in Nature. hen we will move out into the woods to focus on the walk itself.

Alone time in nature – During this time you'll strive to separate yourself from food, phones, jobs, to-do's, identities, and habitual patterns. The only aim is to be with nature and your intention(your questions/what you want to work on). It is a sacred time to be with the wisdom revealed when inner nature meets outer nature.

Your return – At the end of the day we will gather together with a shared potluck meal. Then your story from the land will be witnessed by our circle of others through The Way of Council, and mirrored(reflected) by your guide as a way to amplify your story.

Why would I want to do a Medicine Walk?

  • It’s suitable for anybody for any background.

  • To quiet all the interfering input from the outer-world.

  • To master the art of framing the question(s) that you want answers to.

  • To know how to take the messages I receive and apply them to my life and work.

  • To begin your journey into self-discovery that is unveiled through nature and with the conversations of others

  • To gain invaluable input to expand, clarify, and deepen your work in the world.

  • Face your issues, next steps, goals, health, etc and understand how to move forward with purpose and value.

Previous participants received answers to these questions and more:

  • What do I need to leave behind to move forward in life?

  • What questions and parts of me should I bring to find clarity and action?

  • What strengths do I need to focus on for the greatest impact?

  • What more do I need to lead so that I effectively can receive my vision?

  • Who am I meant to serve and in what ways?

  • How can I best grow my business at this time?

  • Is it time to leave my job or create a new role in my community?

What should I bring?

  • Food to share at the potluck, which is at the end of the walk (this will be communicated in your welcome packet via email).

    • We ask that you try and challenge yourself by not eating a snack or lunch during the event.

  • Journal to write in.

  • Sturdy walking shoes and comfortable clothes.

  • Raincoat (this event is rain or shine).

  • A creative and open mindset.

*Your payment is your registration. Within 24 hours of registration, we will send you materials for the program.*

Still not sure about all of this, please feel free to give a call

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Medicine Walk & Group Circle