Men’s Circle

A group of men focused on empowering each other to make a difference in their community.

Photo by LoveTheWind/iStock / Getty Images

When do we meet?

Mondays: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Where Do You Meet?

2 1/2 E Ct Square #5, Newnan, GA 30263

Who are the facilitators?

Dr. Louis F. Boynton ll PhD, LPC, NCC, CPCS

- Licensed Professional Counselor & Psychotherapist

Ben Marchman, CLC

- CEO & Founder of NatureLink,LLC

Your monthly payment plan includes meeting with the group 3-times a month.

At NatureLink our Men’s Circle was created for one reason – Brotherhood.

We have noticed that Men are becoming more and more alone in our society and don’t have strong groups of friends and support that they used to have.

In this group we strive to create an atmosphere that allows men to step into a space to feel empowered to tell their inner truths about their life. We are not a religious group or support group.

We are here to encourage men in their inner growth so that they can show up authentically, powerfully, and vulnerably for others in their life.

Ultimately, we are here to be real with each-other and explore self-purpose. To understand what that means to us individually and for our community.

If you are…

  • Struggling with accountability and commitmentthen this group is for you.

  • Seeking direction and powerful conversations with other like-minded individuals…then this group is for you.

  • Looking to break old patterns in life that have left you with feeling powerlessness, lost, emotional unstable, angered and confused…then this group is for you.

  • Already an individual that is centered and looking to become more aligned with your authentic self…then this group is for you.

  • Never felt safe with sharing your true self and want a place to be among others that support what that means for you...then this group is for you.

  • Looking for impactful change in your personal life, your career, and inner growth…then this group is for you.

If any of these statements deeply resonate with you, but you have more questions, then please don’t hesitate to give us call.




  • Long-lasting habits of happiness.

  • An opportunity to discover your role in your community.

  • A safe place that allows you to be your authentic self.

  • In-dept conversations that give you a chance to be open and real with other men.

  • To be included into a brotherhood that creates unbreakable bonds.

Past Comments about our Men’s Circle:

So much of my life passed while I was going through the motions. I showed up physically, but often not present to where I was, who I was, & who I wanted to be. After a month of our Men’s Circle-- I am now more present and more committed to being the man that I am. I am grateful for the support and openness of other Men in this circle — an exploration into my heart and soul that is changed forever.

~ Charles A.