Hourly Coaching

Are you looking for more in life?


This option may be for you if you….

  • Have completed a package or The Monthly Coaching Program with me and you feel you need a “tune-up” to get back on track or explore something that has come up for you.

  • Are currently asking yourself these questions – “Why am I here?” “What is the purpose of my life?” “Who am I beyond the roles that have defined me?”

  • Have questions about how a misalignment with your deeper truths or your soul may be impacting your health, relationships or the meaning and purpose in your life.

Start your journey to self-discovery

Individual coaching sessions may be ideal for you if you don’t require ongoing support or aren’t ready to commit to any of the Coaching Programs – The Coaching Package; The Monthly Membership; or A True Nature Session.

With clients that are truly searching for life purpose and are on a path of inner exploration and discovery,….I often hear, “I really don’t know what I need or what the problem is. I just don’t know that what I am doing is actually right for me.” This is the tricky part about the inner call to grow, evolve and awaken. We often don’t understand what the inner restlessness and longing are all about. That’s why “wise” counsel is important to help you determine your next step. Life can get sticky and sometimes we just need someone to listen to us and empower us to find our own inner truth and intelligence to create the necessary commitment to our own lives.

For most, the next step might be coaching, for others, it may be psychological counseling or a visit with a spiritual director. It’s virtually impossible to develop a plan for the next steps when you don’t know what the problem is. One of my core strengths is being able to get to the root very quickly to help a person determine how best to move forward

Not Sure if coaching Is For You?

Let’s chat to get to know each other.