Adult Programs

Our Adult programs are nature-based experiences that come in many forms. From Vision Quests, to workshops, to retreats, they all have the same focus. They explore the human, nature, and community connections that strengthen a sense of purpose, value and commitment to the life within all of us. Don’t you want to know what your true purpose is in life so that you can live up to who you were meant to be?


Vision Quests

Is it time to find out who you truly are?

Our Vision Quests serve as a modern rite of initiation — not into any social, religious, or spiritual group, but into your own soul and to the deeper layers of true adulthood.



Are you wanting to unplug & reconnect to nature, yourself, & others?

Our retreats are experiences that allow participants to recharge & relax, in order to enter the natural world for healing, reflection, and renewal.



Are you seeking inner-growth and want to apply your vision back in your community?

Our weekend workshops are wonderful opportunities to live simply on the earth for one full day, then return to tell your story and receive your gifts of the journey.